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Here are some of our successful patient stories!


"AMAZING. I was skeptical if this would give me some pain relief, but I was feeling so horrible I was willing to try anything at this point. I am MS patient (almost 16 yrs since diagnosis) and the past 3 wks or so in addition to all my other usual symptoms I had developed some really severe edema. I was extremely swollen and uncomfortable. My regular Dr was stumped on what was this extreme change in my health. I saw Dr. Chuck for the FIRST time on a Friday morning, had a thorough evaluation and a few adjustments. Over the weekend I think I spent more time in the bathroom having to urinate them ever in my life! Monday morning I weighed myself- 17 pounds of fluid gone. 17!!! AND I had much more mobility than I did on Friday. The difference was so dramatic. I changed nothing else over the weekend, I was running errands and housework and family commitments and was barely able to put my feet up so I know it was not from resting. I still am amazed. After dealing with unpleasant side effects from MS symptoms and multiple medications to treat the disease and it's side effects it leaves you discouraged. I actually am extremely hopeful that I will be able to continue to feel better. Thank you, Dr. Chuck!!! 17 pounds! Unbelievable."

- K. Chamberlin

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