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Nutritional Counseling Specialist

Palamone Chiropractic

Troy Coonrad, DC

Chiropractor located in Eldersburg, MD

At Palamone Chiropractic, nutritional counseling is offered in combination with Chiropractic treatment to encourage total health and well-being. Dr. Coonrad recognizes the importance of nutritional counseling in health and healing. He welcomes patients from Eldersburg, Maryland, Carroll County and the surrounding areas.

Nutritional Counseling Q & A

What is Nutritional Counseling?

Nutritional counseling is a treatment strategy that uses diet and nutrition to help with your health goals. It is part of a treatment process that specifically addresses problems related to nutrient deficiencies or problems with your diet plan. During nutritional counseling, your current diet will be evaluated and a nutritional plan will be developed based on your goals, the problems interfering with your health, and any concerns you may have.

What are the Goals of Nutritional Counseling?

The goals of nutritional counseling sessions will depend on your situation, goals, and overall health. But the overall treatment will focus on improving your health with a balance of nutrients in your diet plan. Dr. Coonrad will examine your current eating habits to identify potential problems that are the result of a poor diet. For example, once a nutrient deficiency is identified as a key reason for your discomfort or health concerns, a proper plan can be developed that will add more of the vital nutrient to your normal eating habits. Because your diet plays a major role in your overall health and wellness, nutritional counseling is used to enhance your physical well-being. Treating the underlying causes of poor health improves your health and wellness and allows Dr. Coonrad to clarify complications for a better treatment strategy.

How is Chiropractic Care Used in Conjunction with a Healthy Diet?

To function at its highest level, the body needs essential vitamins and nutrients. Without receiving the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients through a sound diet, the body can become weakened. Palamone Chiropractic recommends combining nutritional counseling with regular chiropractic adjustments for optimal health. Patients who have a sound diet plan, in conjunction with spinal adjustments, can benefit from accelerated healing, a stronger immune system, and overall well-being. Call our office today to schedule your nutritional counseling appointment.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Palamone Chiropractic works with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, EHP (Johns Hopkins Employees), UnitedHealthcare, and Medicare insurances. If you have any questions, please call our office and one of our knowledgable staff members would be happy to help.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs
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