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Nerves do not work like wires

Nerves can stretch slightly and they will work fine. Stretch them a little more and you affect their function. Stretch them too far and they stop working all together.Stretch them even more and they tear.

Nerves conduct impulses where wires conduct voltage and current .With a nerve, the information being sent is conveyed in the frequency of the impulses. When enough impulses are lost from too much stretch, you get symptoms like numbness,tingling,nerve pain ,organ dysfunction and disease, headaches, body pain ,tenderness, fibromyalgia and much more.

Although some doctors admit that this happens, very few know how to actually correct the underlying mechanical problems that are causing the stretch in the first place.Again, look at our poor health and health care system and you will find alot of suffering from conditions due to nerve stretch. Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz fiqured out how to fix the mechanics of the body and out of that the neurological problems can be corrected and /or improved with ABC.  At this time I am the only Dr. in Maryland trained by Dr. Jutkowitz  in Advanced Biostrucual Correction (ABC).

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Dr. Chuck Palamone Chiropractor

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